If you’re involved in guiding the public on their food choices based on what impact they will have on climate change then this forum is for you.

We want to have a balanced debate, not a one-sided argument about the contribution that meat and livestock has to climate change.

Findings from scientific studies can be misinterpreted or taken out of context to suit a particular argument and this can quickly turn into a global news headline.

If we want to make meaningful changes to how we live in order to help the planet, then we need to base our decisions on information that is accurate and specific to our situation here in the UK.

Rethink will explain how the environmental impact of particular dietary and lifestyle choices will vary depending on where in the world a consumer is making them.

Rethink wants to refine your understanding of the sustainable science behind British livestock.

Rethink is for...

Journalists & Influencers

Rethink will give you the opportunity to meet the scientists behind the studies and compare their arguments. Most importantly, it will offer a deeper scientific insight into the claims and counter claims about livestock’s influence on climate change.

Expect to be challenged from both sides of the debate so that you can confidently report back to your audiences based on an accurate picture of the good, the bad and the ugly implications for the planet.

Policy Makers

As a policy maker you rely on accurate intelligence, reliable data and trusted scientific interpretations to feed into your bigger-picture policy decisions. Rethink Forum will give you a balanced picture of the science behind livestock farming as well as an update on some of the innovations happening right now on farms across Britain to tackle climate change.

What you hear at Rethink will also be important once we’ve left the EU. The fact that British livestock farming has such a different environmental footprint to other countries will be one of the key selling points for British produce in future trade negotiations.

If people around the world are going to start demanding more sustainably produced meat, Britain has a great story to tell.


UK farming is going through a seismic shift. It’s almost a perfect storm of conditions that are prompting farmers to re-assess their businesses. Brexit, funding, consumer attitudes, environmental issues – all are having an impact.

Rethink is an opportunity to take a fresh look at ruminant livestock production starting with the science, and translating that into practical strategies for your farm.

You’ll meet fellow farmers who have started implementing new techniques and technology and find out, first-hand, how they’re making it work.


Rethink is an opportunity to connect with peers from here and abroad as well as the thought-leaders and corporations that your work fuels.

You’ll hear the latest scientific thinking on farming related climate change and you’ll also find out how the science is being practically applied by farmers on the ground.

It’s not just a challenging scientific debate, Rethink will dig into the social, consumer and practical implications of livestock farming and meat eating.


Your strategy is driven by changing consumer trends, but you also help shape those trends. Many consumers are making decisions about what to eat and what not to eat based on incomplete or misleading ‘scientific’ information currently circulating in the media.

While it’s not in the mainstream consciousness yet, the proven scientific facts about exactly what is British livestock’s contribution to climate change will eventually surface as people start to question what they’re being told and journalists report on the facts.

Rethink will give you an insight into the emerging body of evidence surrounding food and farming-related climate change and give you a picture of what consumers will be discovering as the facts emerge.

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