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Michelle Cain - Rethink speaker

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Michelle Cain

Senior Researcher

Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics, University of Oxford

Michelle’s core expertise is in greenhouse gases, air pollution and climate science. She has worked on the greenhouse gas methane and its sources, particularly in the UK and in the Arctic. 

While based at the University of Cambridge she took part in field campaigns to measure methane in the atmosphere and used computer models to link these measurements back to sources such as remote wetlands. 

Her current work focuses on the warming impact of short lived climate pollutants like methane and how methods can be improved to make progress on mitigating emissions to achieve the Paris Agreement. Her work on the Oxford Martin Programme on Climate Pollutants (2017-2019) developed these ideas for use in climate policy and for agriculture and farming during a University of Oxford Knowledge Exchange Fellowship. 

Michelle obtained her PhD in meteorology from the University of Reading in 2010 before working as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge on atmospheric chemistry. She held a Policy Placement Fellowship to work in Defra on air quality modelling (2012-13). 

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